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IMO Inverter - HD1 Series Inverter 0.75kW - 500kW

Product Code: HD1

Product Code ExtraHD1-3.7-43, HD1-5A-43, HD1-9.5A-43, HD1-14A-43, HD1-18.5-43,HD1-25A-43, HD1-32A-43, HD1-38A-43, HD1-45A-43, HD1-60A-43,HD1-75A-43, HD1-92A-43, HD1-115A-43, HD1-150A-43,HD1-180A-43, HD1-215A-43, HD1-260A-43, HD1-305A-43, HD1-340A-43, HD1-380-43, HD1-425A-4

Whether you call this an AC Drive, Inverter Drive or Variable Speed Drive,the HD1 range of inverter is a high-performance, open loop vector control inverter specifically designed for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Utilising the most advanced sensorless vector control technology, the HD1 range offers unparalleled reliability, environmental adaptability, high precision and stable performance. The HD1 offers some significant advantages to the customer including a huge range of functions with simple operation, 3 international communication protocols (ModbusRTU, Profibus and CAN) and international certification from TUV and UL.

Key Features:

  • Dual rated for HD & ND applications
  • Up to 150% starting torque 
  • Permanent magnet motor control
  • Detachable keypad with copy 
  • Advanced LCD keypad • IP20 (full range) 
  • High speed processor • Motor Auto-tune (static and dynamic) 
  • 2 motor parameter sets 
  • DC Injection braking
  • Flux braking
  • Integral brake chopper (<30kW)
  • Braking units 37kW & above
  • PID Control as standard 
  • Integral PLC function 
  • Modbus RTU/RS485 built in 
  • Profibus DP card 
  • CANopen card 
  • Profinet card 
  • 9 Digital Inputs 
  • 3 Analogue Inputs 
  • 2 Analogue Outputs 
  • 2 Relay Outputs 
  • Integral C3 filter 
  • Category C1 & C2 filter options
  • UL/cUL, TUV 
  • CE Marked 
  • 2 Year warranty
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