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IMO Inverter - Jaguar VXH HVAC Inverter 0.75 - 710kW

Product Code: VXH

Product Code ExtraVXH2A5L-4E, VXH2A5M-4E, VXH4A1L-4E, VXHA1M-4E, VXH5A5L-4E, VXH5A5M-4E, VXH9L-4E, VXH9M-4E, VXH13A5L-4E, VXH13A5M-4E, VXH18A5L-4E, VXH18A5M-4E, VXH24A5L-4E, VXH24A5M-4E, VXH32L-4E, VXH32M-4E, VXH39L-4E, VXH39M-4E, VXH45M-4E, VXH45L-4E, VXH60M-4E, VXH60L-4E

Whether you call this an AC Drive, Inverter Drive or Variable Speed Drive,this  IMO Jaguar Drive was first developed specifically for HVAC and Pump applications in a slim, easy to install package. The Jaguar VXH achieves optimum energy saving on fan and pump applications, contributing significantly to environmental protection while drastically reducing energy costs. Inverter technology is proven to save energy consumption and an increasing number of users are benefiting from these savings. With its optimised control algorithm and dedicated application control functions the Jaguar VXH is leading the way in performance while continuing the user friendly reputation that Jaguar is renowned for.

Key Features:

  • Wide capacity range from 0.75 to 710 kW
  • Torque vector control
  • IP21 & IP55 with same dimension
  • DCR Reactor and EMC filter built-in up 90 kW
  • Automatic energy-saving operation
  • Wet-bulb temperature presumption control
  • Fire mode (forced operation)
  • 4PID control
  • Customisable logic
  • Pick-up operation function
  • Regenerative avoidance control
  • Filter clogging prevention function
  • Linearisation function
  • Real time clock
  • Password function
  • Standard comms BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU & Metasys N2
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