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Product Code: Isocon

Product Code ExtraDualcon, Freqcon, Icon, Slimcon

IMO’s Signal Conditioners accept a wide range of inputs including 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD temperature sensor and voltage signals. The units convert this input into isolated high level DC output, either as a voltage of 0-10V or current of 4-20mA.

These units provide full 3-port isolation as standard and incorporate an isolated transmitter supply that can be used to power any standard two-wire 4-20mA transmitter loop. The user, via simple DIP switches located on or inside the unit, can configure input type and range. All RTD and thermocouple inputs can be fully linearised. The new signal converters are very easy to use, with noninteractive
zero and span controls making adjustments quick and simple.

The single output Slimcon unit is only 7.2mm wide and the twin output DUALCON gives the user a signal splitting capability allowing,for example, simultaneous transmission of isolated 4-20mA to a PLC and 0-10V to an inverter.

There are two power supply options available: a wide ranging AC version allows the unit to operate from any supply from 90 to 264V AC, while the DC version operates from 12-32V AC and 12-36V DC.

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