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SICK Incremental Encoder

Product Code: DBS60

Product Code Extra

The SICK range of Incremental encoders are rugged, versatile incremental encoders suitable for industrial applications.

This DBS60 has a diameter of 58 mm and a compact mounting depth. It offers a large range of mechanical and electrical interfaces. The solid shaft models are available with face mount flange and servo flange. The hollow shaft versions are available with blind hollow and through hollow shafts for shafts up to 5/8" (15.875 mm).

In addition to the standard 5 V and 24 V TTL/RS422 and 24 V HTL/push-pull interfaces, the DBS60  features a flexible universal interface, which combines 5 V TTL and 24 V HTL in one product.

The high IP 65 protection rating and the large bearing distance make this a rugged and reliable solution, even at high shaft loads. With a resolution of up to 5,000 pulses, the DBS60  is the ideal product for standard applications in a range of different industries.

Key Features:

  • Diverse installation options due to different flange and shaft versions
  • Universal cable outlet and radial connector allow use in tight spaces and make flexible cabling possible
  • Compact housing dimensions save valuable space. Optional hollow shaft clamp on the back facilitates mounting.
  • Protects the encoder against high shaft temperatures and currents through optional isolated shafts
  • Flanges and stator couplings with different mounting holes allow diverse mounting options with one encoder variant
  • Rugged design with large bearing distance allows high shaft loads and a longer service life
  • The TTL/HTL combination interface enables less product variety and reduces storage costs
  • High IP protection
  • Face mount flange, servo flange, blind and through hollow shaft
  • Housing unit: Ø58 mm, compact mounting depth, large bearing distance
  • Flange and stator couplings enable diverse mounting options
  • Resolution: up to 5,000 pulses
  • Cable outlet, radial M23 or M12 connector
  • TTL/RS-422 and HTL/push-pull, universal TTL/HTL interface with 4.5 V DC to 30 V DC
  • Hollow shafts: metal up to Ø5/8, insulated up to Ø15 mm, front and rear clamping


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