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NORD SK 500P Frequency Inverter

Product Code: SK 500P

Product Code ExtraSK 500P-250-123A (2752900103),SK 500P-370-123A (2752900104), SK 500P-550-123A (2752900105),SK 500P-750-123A (2752900106),SK 500P-111-123A (2752900107), SK 500P-151-123A (2752900108),SK 500P-221-123A (2752900109) SK 500P-250-340-A (275290303), SK 500P-370-340-A (275290304)SK 500P-550-340-A (275290305), SK 500P-750-340-A (275290306),SK 500P-111-340-A (275290307), SK 500P-151-340-A (275290308)SK 500P-221-340-A (275290309), SK 500P-301-340-A (275290310), SK 500P-401-340-A (275290311), SK 500P-551-340-A (275290312) SK 510P-250-123-A (275291103), SK 510P-370-123-A (275291104), SK 510P-550-123-A (275291105), SK 510P-750-123-A (275291106), SK 510P-111-123-A (275291107), SK 510P-151-123-A (275291108),SK 510P-221-123-A (275291109) SK 510P-250-340-A (275291303), SK 510P-370-340-A (275291304), SK 510P-550-340-A (275291305), SK 510P-750-340-A (275291306), SK 510P-111-340-A (275291307), SK 510P-151-340-A (275291308), SK 510P-221-340-A (275291309), SK 510P-301-340-A (275291310),SK 510P-401-340-A (275291311), SK 510P-551-340-A (275291312) , , , , , ,

The NORDAC PRO is the inverter for all drive applications. Even in the basic version the NORD SK500P offers great versatility. The application inverter NORD SK530P extends this scope and can be modularly extended with the optional  NORD SKCU5 module. For efficient connection to Ethernet based control systems, the NORD SK550P has an integrated Universal Ethernet interface on board. The future-proof nature of the NORDAC PRO is shown by its modern connectivity such as the use of an SD memory card as a storage medium for parameters, firmware and operating data, as well as a USB interface which enables parameterisation of the NORD SK500P inverter when the power is switched off. The optional Bluetooth interface rounds off the operating convenience. NORD's use of the latest components enables a very compact design and therefore space-saving installation in the control cabinet without spaces between units.

Key Features:

  • Performance: 0.25 - 5.5 kW
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Integrated Industrial Ethernet connection, can be set to ProfiNET, EtherNET IP, POWERLINK or EtherCAT via parameters
  • NORDCON parameterisation tool can be used via USB connection, even when the power is switched off (programming in the box)
  • SD card slot for saving/transferring parameter data
  • High power density through use of latest components, especially slim book-size format, can be directly installed without spacing
  • Up to 2.2kW full plug-in terminals for power and control
  • Intuitive parameter structure compatible with all NORD drive inverters
  • Can be parameterised via NORDCON or Bluetooth with APP
  • 4 parameter sets directly switchable online
  • Motor brake management, lifting gear functionality
  • 4-quadrant operation with integrated brake chopper
  • U/f control, current vector control open loop and closed loop
  • High precision control and high overload capacity for synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Encoder interfaces: SIN/COS, incremental, Biss-SSI. Hiperface, EnDat, CANopen
  • PLC functionality for drive-related functions, e.g. condition monitoring of the drive for pre-processing of process data
  • POSICON - Integrated positioning mode and synchronisation, flying saw
  • Integrated line filter
  • STO und SS1 – integrated functional safety
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