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NORD Universal SI Worm Gear Units

Product Code: SK

Product Code ExtraSK 1SI 31 IEC63, SK 1SI 31 IEC71, SK 1SI 40 IEC63, SK 1SI 40 IEC71, SK 1SI 40 IEC80, SK 1SI 50 IEC63, SK 1SI 50 IEC71, SK 1SI 50 IEC80, SK 1SI 50 IEC90, SK 1SI 63 IEC63, SK 1SI 63 IEC 63 IEC71, SK 1SI 63 IEC80, SK 1SI 63 IEC90, SK 1SI 75 IEC71, SK 1SI 75 IEC80, SK 1SI 75 IEC90, SK 1SI 75 IEC 100, SK 1SI 75 IEC112

The UNIVERSAL SI worm gear units provide a high power density and are extremely compact. They are characterised by having low-noise torque transmission. This Nord SI worm gearbox has a simple and effective structure and takes up considerably less room than other types of gear unit.

  • Performance: 0.12 - 4.0 kW
  • Torque range: 21 - 427 Nm

Key Features:

  • High overload capacity
  • Application-specific versions
  • Soft and quiet running
  • Aluminium housing version for low weight
  • Optional 10:1 helical input stage and compound worm assemblies
  • Modular, flexible and versatile application
  • nsd tupH version possible
  • Oversized output bearings for high load capacity
  • Push-on, flange and foot mounted versions
  • Angled gear units
  • Hollow and solid shaft gear units
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