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Sprint E 3600XRi - Up To 0.55KW 36A 240/110VAC. Regenerative Isolated

Product Code: 3600 XRi

Product Code Extra

This 4 Quadrant regenerative DC motor controller gives a fast controlled response over the full forward/reverse speed range for motoring and braking.

Improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors.

With five models up to 36 Amps, you can closely match the power required by your application.

The 3600XRi has a robust design and is packed with features to help you reduce your down-time and maintenance costs. 



Key Features:

  • 4 Quadrant fully regenerative DC drive
  • 4 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP)
  • 8 Amps (1.1KW/1.5HP)
  • 16 Amps (4KW/5.3HP)
  • 32 Amps (7.5KW/10HP)
  • 36 Amps (9.5KW/12.6HP)
  • Isolated control electronics for easy connection to other drives/equipment
  • Suitable for permanent magnet or shunt wound motors
  • 175 x 200 x 70(mm) H x W x D
  • Dual setpoint facility for alternate speed eg. run and crawl
  • Direct pushbutton inputs for control of stop/start, direction and jog functions
  • 4Q torque input
  • Regen to zero input
  • 2Q torque input
  • Push-button forward/reverse
  • Multiple I/O
  • Push-button start function
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